Ain Shams University Hospitals play important role in education, training and scientific research. In addition provide excellent medical service using the latest technology for patients from inside and outsideEgypt

Ain Shams University Hospitals is located on 24 acres and has approximately 3000 beds and includes:

  1. Demerdash hospital for surgery
  2. AinShamsUniversityHospital
  3. Outpatient  Clinics
  4. HospitalofObstetricsand Gynecology
  5. Children's Hospital
  6. Hospital Emergency
  7. Some centers, departments and specialized units:
  • Blood bank
  • Center for Psychiatry
  • TreatmentCenterof Clinical Toxicology
  • Centre for Oncology and Nuclear Medicine
  • Centre for Medical Research
  • Unit of Bone marrow transplantation
  • Endoscopy Unit of the Digestive system
  • Unit of Transplantation of pancreas cells and diabetes research