College adheres to the purpose of its establishment and its role in achieving the mission of the university from the development of mental and intellectual and personal to its staff through the provision of the Protocol to work and make optimum use of all employees. And everyone knows his role and duties of the Charter clearly take into account:
• Provide programs for outstanding service to the community
• Provide a method to update the administrative system so that the college is moving towards mechanization
• To provide a method for the application of quality standards and develop and commitment at all levels
• enrich the general knowledge and applied for its employees
• To encourage scientific research and international publication, which highlights the status of the college and especially graduate and Theses awarded by the College
• closer links with the community through cooperation with bodies and service ministries
Strategic objectives

1) Professional application for the credit hour system with the development of work systems and methods of evaluation Entrulat
2) documentation and dissemination of the Charter School ethical integrated
3) increasing international publication and encourage the formation of scientific schools and the development sector of Graduate Studies and work to attract students Alolfdin
4) automation of the administrative system altogether and work on the need for full coordination between the various sectors of the College
5) promote a culture of copyright and encourage reliance on reference books
6) dealing with the development of service institutions and bodies and the exploitation of College and diversity of disciplines and by harnessing it to serve the community
7) to increase cooperation with businessmen and institutions that can support the College
8) highlight the role of scientific research in the service of community and environmental development and commercialization of applied research for faculty members
9) the adoption of a mechanism of training and raising the efficiency of all employees of the College of members of all employees of the college faculty and administrators and staff