The university comprises three sectors:

- Education and Student Affairs

- Post-graduate Studies and Research

- Community Service and Environmental Development

The Community Service and Environmental Development Sector works on achieving a number of objectives including the creation of a learning environment that helps enhance students’ character development and the modification and development of curricula and methods of teaching in the different faculties of the university. It also organizes programmes and activities that help students get acquainted with other universities and cultures and encourage civic engagement with a view to maximizing the role of the university as a provider of social and environmental services.

The adoption of a comprehensive quality assessment approach has become inevitable due to a number of reasons including the continuous change of job market needs, the requirements of sustainable development and the rapid advances in communication and information technology. Accordingly, there is a need to monitor and improve the education process in order to ensure that it can face up to competition on the local, regional and international levels.

The plan aims at studying the current reality in order to underline points of strength and weakness, resources and challenges with a view to bridge the gap between the actual performance and the goals of the quality assurance project through devising such programmes that will work on improving the quality of both education and extra-curricular activities.

Various methods and techniques have been employed to arrive at an accurate reflection of the current conditions of the university. Such methods include conducting surveys, holding meetings and personal interviews with university officials, representatives of different sectors, faculty members, directors of special units and students; as well as organizing seminars, all with the aim of gathering as many suggestions and opinions as possible.

ASU’s involvement in addressing problems of society and issues of national concern can also be seen in the services it offers to the community as a whole through its centers and special units. Indeed, the university garners all its human and technical capacities to serve the community in various respects.