Union Catalog of Universities   Union Catalog of Ain Shams University
Ain Shams Libraries
Founded in 1950 , Ain Shams University Library has been providing the best academic and educational materials to students and researchers. The University Library System consists of one Central Library, eight Social Science and humanities Libraries and eight Science and Technology Libraries. The total libraries collections amount to   718070 volumes .
Ain Shams University Libraries Automation 
This project which is being implemented under the supervision of the digital library unit affiliated to Higher Education Information Centre, under the sponsorship of the Supreme Council of Universities, aims at creating a union catalogue of Ain Shams University Colleges Libraries. This union catalogue is meant to enable libraries to provide various electronic information services, such as cooperative acquisitions, cooperative cataloguing, and interlibrary loan, as well as enabling these libraries to take part in international cooperative programmes of university libraries. This project is being implemented in all Ain Shams University Libraries. The first phase of the project included the libraries of Engineering, Science, and Medicine colleges, besides the Central Library. The second phase covered the libraries of the Colleges of Arts and Humanities, Commerce, Dentistry and Oral Medicine, Post Graduate Childhood Studies Institute , Institute of Environment Studies and Research, and Faculty of Pharmacy. The third phase is underway, and is planned to cover three college libraries: Faculty of Law, Faculty of Computers and Information Sciences, and Faculty of Education.