About Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science is considered one of the fundamental bases in the structure of any newly emerging university. The decree of establishment of the Faculty of Science was issued in July 1950 as a part of Ibrahim Pasha the GreatUniversity.

Dr. Kamel Mansour Nierouz, Professor of Zoology, was appointed the first dean. The study in the Faculty of Science started in the Orman area, province of Giza. Some of the students of the Teachers Institute were enrolled in the new college at that time as the first nucleus for the student body.

In 1951, the Faculty of Science was moved to the area surrounding the historical palace of El Zaàfran and relocated in some of the annexed buildings. El Zaafran palace, where the administration offices are located, is one of the central features of Ain Shams campus.This palace was recently renovated, but efforts were made to avoid alteration of the architecture and exterior appearance of this venerable landmark.

Later on, the name of the University was changed to Ain Shams University and the first graduating class was awarded the degree of the Bachelor of Science in 1953.

During the last fifty years, the Faculty of Science has witnessed several progressive steps in the educational programs as well as in the establishment of modern specialization to cope with the new challenges in all scientific spheres.

The foundational studies in the Faculty of Science were established in seven departments, namely: Pure and Applied Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Geology, Zoology, Botany and Entomology. Other departments were consecutively established until the number added reached ten by the year 1994. The department of Biochemistry was opened in 1959. Subsequently, the formerly separate department of pure mathematics and applied mathematics were merged into a single department, whereas geology and Botany each divided into two independent departments, the department of Geophysics in 1953 and Microbiology in 1994.

The undergraduate student has the option of graduating in one department with a single major or in two concurrently departments with a double major Bachelor degree.

The present premises of the Faculty of Science were partly opened in 1962 and facilities were completed during the seventies. A new building has been recently completed for future expansion. In addition, a third bulleting is under construction.

Teaching and laboratory facilities of the Faculty of Science are temporary provision the students and staff members of the faculties of Pharmacy and Dentistry until their permanent premises are completed.

In the time being, more than three thousand five hundred students are joined to the different course levels. Over a thousand students annually graduate from the Faculty of Science with a Bachelor of Science degree in different fields. Not only are the departments in the Faculty of Science concerned with their own students, but also they provide service programs for the pre- pharmacy and pre- dentistry students.

In the sincere belief that scientific research is one of the principal duties of the Faculty of Science, special attention has been given to upgrading graduate studies and modernizing laboratory and library facilities.

The degrees of Doctor of Philosophy, Master of Science and postgraduate diplomas are awarded to the students who have satisfactorily completed the graduate programs offered by the different departments.

Furthermore, the staff members have contributed significantly to the progress of scientific research in all disciplines of basic sciences and their applications through their research work published in local and international periodicals. Consequently, several current and former staff members have earned conspicuous scientific awards. Having recognized the role of the Faculty of Science in serving the community, many of the staff members provide ongoing scientific and technical consultations to different governmental and private sector companies, factories and projects.