Project Management course

Course Description :
Through this course , participants will be introduced to the fundamentals of project management .It extends the skills of the participants to how to project reports and schedule with limited re...sources as well as to control budgets and consider the time time-cost trade-offs. This course does not make use of any project management software application.
Objectives :
Upon successful completion of this course , participants shall ...be able to :
• Discuss the phases of the Project Management life cycle and a project manger’s role in each phase.
• List basic project success criteria and common reasons for project failure.
• Discuss techniques for planning and sequencing project activities , including the work breakdown Structure and the Network Logic Diagram .
• List the cost elements that should be included in a Project budget .
• Identify the critical Path for completing a project on schedule.
• List ways to control the implementation of the project.
• Managing project risk.
• Name the challenges of project management during Project implementation.
Proposed outline:
• Introduction to the Project management concepts and techniques.
• Project life cycle and the 3 constraints.
• Preparing a project Scope.
• Developing the work Breakdown Structure WBS.
• Agreeing on the restriction list ( prerequisites).
• Estimating activity durations.
• Developing the network diagram.
• Drawing the Gantt Chart (Action Plan).
• Managing Project risk.
• Name the challenges of Project management during implementation.
• Project schedule control cart.
• Project resource management.
• Managing Project risk.
• Balancing the Project at different organizational levels.
• The challenges of Project management during Project implementation.
2 days ( 10 hrs)
From Sunday 14/9/2014 To Monday 15/9/2014
fees: 750 per person
Trainer and certificate from the American University in Cairo
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