Prospective conference to discuss the development of a national system of innovation

Prof. Ali Abdul Aziz, Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research confirmed that the university is working within the national system to support creativity and creators In this sense the university will experience over the next April opening of the fourth scientific conference of the University this year under the title "Towards a national system of innovation: Indicators of the present and future aspirations." He pointed to the university's participation in the innovations exhibition and won many awards.

He added that the university is interested basically in scientific research, which is the way for the advancement of the state. And for that scholarships regulations was amended for postgraduate studies, with the completion of the Uniform Rules of the University, the list of Graduate Studies at Faculty of Engineering, Pharmacy, was signed of according to the new list.

In the area of quality assurance and accreditation, he pointed out that by the end of the academic year the current nearly 70% of university faculties will have been adopted, with the adoption of five faculties and there are a visit to the quality team to faculty of Al-Alsun, science and education, there are three colleges being processed to this visit.

With regard to quality management at the university, he explained that the university has been applied to 80% of the Quality Management application project and within three months at most university will become a certified global body to prepare the first Egyptian university are approved by the administrative system.