Postgraduate studies and research plans for the development and steps to activate

Postgraduate Studies and Research Sector gives great importance to developing projects and programs that will raise the level of services provided to students and researchers, and that could reach the university to Advanced categorize in international rankings of universities, so the development of the sector plans to achieve these ambitions through as soon as possible.

The issue that University get advanced rating is on one of the main priorities

You give great importance to the university get an advanced position in the world rankings, what are the actions you have taken to achieve this?

There is no doubt that one of the main objectives and priorities set by the current university administration is get the university an advanced position within the international rankings. The university is working through three sectors of advancement of the competitive status for the University, either for graduate studies and research have adopted a number of initiatives, programs and developed projects, including for example:

First: project to develop a distinctive base of researchers at Ain ​​Shams University, and through the organization of meetings enlightening on supporting research and funding bodies.

Secondly, the project to strengthen and develop the infrastructure of scientific research at Ain ​​Shams University, and the project aims to strengthen the institutional capacity through cutting-edge technology to meet the research needs of the university's faculties. This project includes the electronic archiving, and develop an information base devices and laboratory information systems.


Third, encourage research projects that have priority, and in this context, the leaders of faculties, there was agreement by the University Council, and standing committees to guide the research work and guide the efforts of faculties around priority topics that the state and society need.

Fourthly, outputs of scientific research employment project and take advantage of them, and marketed. This project aims to develop a national database on the outcomes of scientific research, patents and workshops for technology transfer and settlement with national and international institutions, and the development of legal mechanisms and organizational marketing outputs research.