Ain Shams University advancing in Webometrics Ranking in the 2013 #Ain Shams ranked 601 in the English QS rating  #University get a third level in the Arab classification URAP in 2012  #Institutions websites, disciplines, scientific research, international awards and academic performance are the criteria for evaluating universities.

There are many international rankings to assess the performance of universities in the world, and different criteria and indicators upon which each index, although they are in their entirety on the content that will benefit the student and the browser to universities sites.

Shanghai Ranking

The dream of the Chinese is to reach with their universities for Entrepreneurship, the government has sought during the nineties of the last century to put initiatives aimed to achieve this, among them was the National Initiative in China, and put most of the universities a timetable to reach a degree of excellence, Chinese put rated includes the mechanisms of differentiation between universities, and were aiming from behind to stand on the top ten universities in China.

Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) published for the first time in June 2003 by the Center for Global class universities and the Institute of Higher Education at Shanghai Jiao Tong China University. In 2007 this ranking (Shanghai) began applies to universities in the world based on the area of ​​specialization, such as engineering, science, and the evolution of this category in the following year to be based on the classification sub-disciplines such as physics, chemistry, economics, computer science and other ...

In order to rank universities, it  had to be setting standards for excellence and was among them professors at the university and have a Nobel Prize or Prizes Yildiz (as a Nobel, but in the field of mathematics), or a professor who have papers and researches publications in international journals, and to determine the classification criteria have been developed 6 standards built depending on them Category are: first graduates of the university and, secondly, faculty members, and thirdly scientific research on the basis of database research, and fourth articles or research papers published in scientific journals (Nature and Science) which are famous on a global level, the two magazines patrols are under one British and the other American, In addition to the competitive performance of the institution standard.


Shanghai Ranking has gained international reputation, where the inventory of all universities and scientific institutes, which won one of its employees international award, and also are reviewed more than two thousand universities around the world out of 10,000 university registered in the UNESCO World Organization for Education, Science and Culture, and actual ranking is for 1000 University of them, but it is the first deployment of five hundred of them just in the month of September each year.


 Shanghai Ranking compared to other as a multi-indicators, and the methodology used are stable, as well as the use of objective indicators, there is no repetition in the classification, as the use of information is to a third party, in addition to the development of the results achieved in mind, and is expected to include classification mission of the university and its history the size and budget, taking into account the regional classification, as the case in South America, in addition to trying to build databases of universities and research universities leading scientific analysis at the level of schools , colleges, programs and departments.


This category has faced much criticism because of the methodology adopted in its preparation as it focused on the research in the sciences at the expense of education, which is difficult to assess.


QS Ranking

The world ranking of universities declared from (QS) QS World University Rankings of the international rankings of universities credible. Authority had begun the QS in the preparation of this arrangement since 2004, and the rating on the measurement of a number of important indicators of universities, such as academic reputation and the institutional reputation of the University, and the different disciplines that no university, in addition to the ratio of faculty to students, and the most important indicators upon which the assessment also scale global research produced by the university, and in 2011 this classification depend  on assess the best 700 universities in the world.


It is worth mentioning that Ain Shams University, was among the top 400 global university for academic reputation index and institutional reputation in 2011, also ranked No. 601 in the list of England Category «QS World University Rankings» of the top 500 universities in the world in 2013.

URAP Ranking

The Ranking (URAP) for universities based on academic performance, a research laboratory established at the Institute of Informatics at the Middle East Technical University in 2009, URAP Ranking classification aims to develop system for universities around the world on the basis of academic performance determined by the quality and quantity of scientific publishing, This classification is based on several levels of the most important indicators or magazine Total impact is a measure of the scientific impact of which is derived by aggregating the factors on the impact of universities in magazines published articles between 2008 and 2012, coefficient values ​​of the influence of the magazine is obtained from the 2012 edition of the Journal reports quote, and the percentage of the index to 18%, in addition to the scale of the Journal Citation in terms of the overall effect of which is a measure of the quality received a citation, which is based on influence of magazines factors that publish the quoting articles and this contributes to the index by 15%. Regarding the scale of international cooperation is a measure based on the universal acceptance of the University, and includes data of international cooperation, which is based on the total number of prints issued in collaboration with foreign universities, and is obtained from the Web of Science database for the years 2008-2012. The percentage contribution of this index of 15%, As for a measure of the number of articles based on current scientific productivity, which includes articles published in 2012 and indexed by the Web of Science, and contributes to the index by 21%, and with respect to index quote is a measure of the impact of research and record according to the number of citations in 2012 to articles published in 2008-2012 and indexed by the Web of Science, This is according to the disposal of self-citations, and contributes to this measure by 21%, while the measure of the total document is a measure depends on the sustainability and continuity of scientific productivity and presented by a total document covers all the scientific literature, including conference papers, comments, messages and discussions, and manuscripts as well as newspaper articles published in 2012, the data is obtained from a network of science and the contribution of this index of 10%.

URAP Ranking announced in 2012 the best 2000 universities in the world using new and improved indicators for each of the overall standings and arrange some specialized areas, and got it on Ain Shams University ranked 711 globally, and got the third place on Arabs.

Webometrics Ranking

Webometrics Ranking of World Universities is an initiative of Cybermetrics laboratory, a research group belonging to the Scientific Research (CSIC), and (Webometrics ranking) issued  by Higher Council for Scientific Research, which is the largest public research Authority in Spain.

CSIC is among first basic research organizations in Europe, and CSIC was founded in 2006 and consists of 126 Institute and Center distributed throughout Spain, and its main objective is to encourage scientific research to improve and raise the level of scientific and technological development of the country, which will contribute to increasing the well-being of citizens.

Cybermetrics Laboratory uses quantitative methods and applied indicators that allow the measurement of scientific activity on the Internet, and cybermetric indicative is useful to evaluate the science and technology that are the perfect complement to the results that have been obtained in ways that bibliometric in scientometric studies.

Regarding assessment of the World Universities: Webometrics is the largest system to evaluate universities in the world, covering more than 20,000 University, and aims to improve the image and performance of institutions of higher education and scientific research on the Internet and encourage the publication of scientific articles of the Court in Open access., So Webometrics site mail specializes in monitoring the movement of the websites most advanced academic in the field of research and studies, reports and web pages in the world ...

Webometrics Ranking is associated by research standard and rich files are updated periodically every six months in July and January of each year, and measures the classification order of the best universities in the Arab world in the publication of academic research on the Internet, where the Department of halving the Webometrics valuation ratios on four criteria included site Publishing the same and the size of the site has been allocated to them 20%, while the allocated 15% of the files, rich and research outputs, in addition to another 15% of the standard comes scholars Google, and received the standard view links or the size of the impact on 50% of the percentage allocated for evaluation via Webometrics Ranking.

On the other hand, Webometrics Ranking focuses on the emergence of academic content and research on the Internet for both students, academics and research centers affiliated to universities and how easily accessible, and measures the classification attendance mail activities and the level of follow-up on the sites of Electronic universities, which is considered a good indicator that reflects the level of influence of the universities.

It is worth mentioning that Ain Shams University ranked seventh at Arab world, and the tenth place in Africa among the 100 top Arab League and the African Ranking in July 2012.

Also Ranking Webometrics issued a report on global indicators of Universities for July 2013, and in this report, which relied on the assessment of universities during the period from January 2013 to July 2013 improved the order of Ain ​​Shams University on a global level for the preceding 240 University, and at the Arab level improved ranking of Level XVII to the level of the fourth century, and at the level of African Universities improve arranged ranked 25 to 17, and so Ain Shams University had the third rank in the Egyptian universities.