Cooperation Protocol between Faculty of Agriculture and the Foundation of “Eid Ala Eid

Faculty of Agriculture, Ain Shams University signed a cooperation protocol with the Foundation of Eid Ala Eid"to support the development of animal production, especially goat production and improve private genotypes in the face of tribal provinces.

Prof. Nazmi Abdel-Hamid, Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture reported that the Foundation will provide the goats and the faculty mission to devise the best productivity strains relying on the expertise of scientists in the field of animal production and the whole in the end will hurt the poor for the benefit of the farmer.

He  added that Egypt has no place to breeder to get a good strain and the Faculty of Agriculture, Ain Shams University, by holding this Protocol are beginning to become the center of a resort breeder to benefit from the expertise of its scientists in this field.