Bernard Lewis and the outline of the Jewish division of the homeland of the Arab nation

Prof. Dr. Mai Helmy, undersecretary of faculty of girls for Gaza Community Service and Environmental Development, opened an educational seminar entitled "Bernard Lewis and partitioning scheme" under the auspices of Prof. Roqaya Shalaby, dean of the university

Lectured at the seminar, Dr. Sahar Hassan, a researcher of contemporary history of Egypt at Book General Authority.

Dr. Sahar confirmed that the Arab world is subject to the schemes of Zionism long ago. All schemes were designed to disrupt Arab unity and drain the energies and Arab Resource and it is clear emerged in Iraq and Kuwait war and the emergence of a sectarian war inside Iraq itself to destroy the Iraqi army, which was one of the largest Arab armies.

In addition, she indicated to the Judaism schemes of Bernard Lewis, which aims to plant an ethnic or sectarian conflict within each of the Arab countries to turn people of one nation to armed gangs and militias to kill each other so that each state is divided into small groups which can be easily controlled in which some Arab countries suffers from such as Syria now.

Dr. Sahar warned young people from falling into the rumors and misinformation war, which is a psychological war aimed at Egypt, also it aimed to sow discord between the communities of Egyptians, under the name of political or religious ideas. She confirmed that lifeline to the Egyptians it is to stick to the unity of the people and to work hard, sincerity and dedication.