Ain Shams University agrees to fund 48 applied research in various fields

Ain Shams University, headed by Prof. Dr. Abdel Wahab Ezzat funded 48 applied research for the current academic year 2017/2018 according to the applied research plan financed by the university budget and the budget of the community service sector and environmental development in the university under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Nazmy Abdel Hamid, Vice President for Sector Affairs.

Prof. Dr. The University has developed a set of standards and rules for the selection of applied research according to the needs of society, so that the implementation and implementation of such research contribute to solving many of the problems faced by society, be it national, social or environmental problems.

Mr. Samir Abdel Nasser, Secretary General of the University and a member of the applied research committee added that the Committee concluded in its meetings to continue funding 23 research applied for the second year in a row, which is the maximum implementation of the research. As well as funding 25 new research approved for funding this year, Research on sanitation and desalination is a priority for research interests.

Mr. Samir Abdel Nasser said that the committee places priority on research involving young researchers in different faculties and institutes and maximum 5 new researches for each faculty. He pointed out that the committee aims to fund researches that enable the localization of advanced technology and knowledge. Applied in practice on the ground after the completion of the research work.