A large interaction and attendance intensity of students of the Faculty of Commerce and Al-Alsun in Microsoft Workshop

As part of the series of workshops organized by Microsoft in cooperation with Ain Shams University, Microsoft team went to the Commerce and Al-Alsun faculties on Tuesday morning, where Mr. Obaid Atef Ebeid, Microsoft's Education Officer, delivered a lecture on the services provided by the company to students.

Prof. Dr. Abdel Wahab Ezzat, President of Ain Shams University, and Prof. Dr. Abdel Nasser Sengab, Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research, under the supervision of Mr. Samir Abdel Nasser, Secretary General of the University, Dr. Gamal Abdel Shafi, Executive Director of Information Technology University.

During the lecture at the Faculty of Commerce, Obaid addressed a large number of students stressing the importance of the services provided by the company and the extent to which the students benefited from them in the field of their studies and work after graduation, because of the availability of time, effort and costs.

Obeid noted that the company provides 5 copies of Microsoft Office free of charge for each student once he has his e-mail at the university, as well as many other services and programs that can benefit the student during study or work.

Obaid also addressed the services provided by the company for the Excel program, Forms, and others.

He explained during the lecture the mechanism of using each program and ways to make the best use of them.

Dr. Hiyam Wahba, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Commerce for Graduate Studies and Research stressed on the importance of the workshop conducted today, pointing to the demand to organize a similar lecture after the completion of the academic examinations scheduled in the coming days.

She stressed that the interaction of students during the lecture proved their interest in the information contained therein, calling on students to communicate with the information technology unit in the college to obtain their e-mail.

She noted that the programs offered by Microsoft provide students with many of the possibilities they will need in the labor market.

For his part, Michael Sharif, a student at the faculty said that the lecture included valuable information already, noting that the organization of such lectures shows the interest in students, calling for more similar lectures, and pointed out that Microsoft offers many free important programs.

Mohammed Medhat said that the lecture was very good, indicating that it will benefit students to obtain many free programs are important for students.

A large audience, who presented many important questions, answered interactive questions and received many token awards, attended the workshop.

For her part, Dean of the Faculty of Al-Alsun University of Ain Shams Dr. Mona Fuad said that the faculty receives the Microsoft team every time, stressing the importance of students and faculty members and staff, calling to take care to take advantage of the services provided by the company.

She explained that the workshop that took place in the faculty was very successful and included clarification of many information and services that can be used, noting that the lecturer was keen to clarify how to use these services.