Folk Arts team of Ain Shams University offers artistic shows in Jordan

Prof. Dr. Fathi Al-Sharqawi, Vice-President of Ain Shams University for Education and Students Affairs, praised the success and excellence of the artistic performances of the folk arts team of the university during its participation in the festival of the International City of Popular Arts.

He explained that the team of the University for folk arts headed by the artist Musab Othman had responded to the invitation to participate in the international festival, which includes a group of folklore groups from many countries of the world, including "Ukraine - Sri Lanka - Armenia - Turkey – Circassia.

Stressing that the university administration headed by Prof. Dr. Abdel Wahab Ezzat provided all means of material and moral support for the members of the band to appear in the proper appearance, which was reflected on the achievements of the team of wide praise after the end of their presentations during the opening ceremony.

He added that the festival management asked the band to re-submit their performances several times because of its great distinction and the admiration of the audience in an unprecedented manner.

The Jordanian Minister of Culture also demanded a team of Ain Shams University students to present their presentation the next day on the Roman Theater in Old Amman, an ancient archaeological theater where the world's top stars stood and the honor of any professional band to present their artistic performances. Egypt and the University of Ain Shams and succeeded in presenting a dazzling presentation from the audience of Jordan and tourists from around the world.

To complete this success, Ain Shams University team presented another performance at Petra City's archeological tourist square amid a crowd from all over the world. In the last days of the festival, the students presented a great presentation on the main stage of Yarmouk University in Jordan in the presence of the President of the University and a number of deans, professors and students.

Then the head of the Egyptian delegation presented the shield of Ain Shams University to the President of Yarmouk University. The students also exchanged meetings and pictures.

The University of Ain Shams has received several invitations to present the students' artistic presentations in the fields of folklore and theater in many cities and universities of the Kingdom of Jordan in addition to invitations from ambassadors and representatives of the countries participating in the festival to present their distinctive artistic performances in those countries.