The Wedge…Radio program documenting the Egyptian army championships throughout the ages at Faculty of Arts

A group of students from the Department of Communication and Media Sciences at the Faculty of Arts, Ain Shams University, produced a radio project entitled "the Wedge" as part of the 2018 graduation projects under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Heba Shaheen, head of the department.

She explained that the project is a documentary program that reviews the role and heroics of the Egyptian armed forces from its inception in the era of the Pharaohs through the Mamluk era and the modern era to the comprehensive anti-terrorism operation currently in Sinai. In addition to the achievements of the armed forces in relation to projects and services provided to the Egyptian people.

The project was supervised by Prof. Dr. Suzan Al-Kellany, Dean of the Faculty, Prof. Dr. Heba Shaheen, Head of Department, and Dr. Shireen Al-Iraqi, the teacher in the department.