Vice President of Ain Shams University meets with the delegation of Southern Sudan Students Association

Prof. Dr. Abdul Fattah Saud, Vice-President of Ain Shams University for Education and Student Affairs, met with the delegation of the South Sudan Students Association at the university, which included Mr. Ali Omar, head of the African Students Unit of the African Scientific Association.

Prof. Dr. Taya Abdul Latif, Advisor to the Minister of Higher Education for Student Activities, Advisor to the Vice President for Education and Students Affairs, and Prof. Dr. Tamer Abdul Moneim Radi, Advisor to the Vice President for Education and Student Affairs attended the meeting.

During the meeting, Prof. Dr. Abdul Fattah Saud stressed the support of the university's administration for the international students and the university's keenness to provide all the appropriate living conditions that enable them to achieve the best performance at the academic and academic levels.

The delegation of South Sudanese students expressed their pride in belonging to Ain Shams University, which is their second home.