Vice President of Ain Shams University inaugurates the International Conference on

Prof. Dr. Nazmi Abdul Hamid, Vice-President of Ain Shams University for Community Service and Environmental Development and Prof. Dr. Rokaya Shalaby Dean of the Faculty of Girls for Arts, Science and Education opened the first international conference of the Center for Studies, Research and Integrated Services in the faculty entitled "Modern techniques of psychological counseling" in cooperation with the Institute of Modern Renaissance in Kuwait. The opening took place in the presence of Prof. Dr. Mai Helmy, Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development, Prof. Dr. Makkah Al-Banna Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Research, Prof. Dr. Hayam Shaheen, Director of the Center and Prof. Dr. Fathi Al-Sharqawi a professor of psychology at the Faculty of Arts and former vice-president of the university, Prof. Dr. Omeima Ezzat and a group of university professors, researchers and those interested in psychology in the Arab world.

Where Prof. Dr. Nazmi Abdul Hamid stressed the importance of the role of psychological counseling in the development of individual abilities, support of innovation and creativity, face the pressures and difficulties of life in a positive return on the life of the individual and the productivity of society. He also stressed the need to identify all new in various areas, especially psychological counseling to generate positive energies to solve the problem and prevention from the occurrence of problems and expand the concept of psychological counseling in the community.

Prof. Dr. Rokaya Shalaby added that the conference is characterized by shedding light on the psychological guidance of families with special abilities as well as individuals with special abilities, which helps to integrate them into society, invest their energies, and make them the driving force of the production wheel in society. The conference aims to learn about the most important modern technologies and programs in the field of psychological counseling as well as obstacles to psychological counseling to overcome them.

She also referred to many of the 10 sessions of the conference, which deal with more than 13 centers in which a large number of researchers from different Arab countries participate

Prof. Dr. Mai Helmy mentioned some of the activities of the community service sector and environmental development in the college and its activities through which the faculty offers community services from convoys, charity shows and workshops in various fields such as human development and development of various skills.

Prof. Dr. Haiam Shaheen reviewed many of the Center's various activities, which are more than 14 diverse activities between training and community services. She also mentioned some of the themes of the conference, which will be discussed over two days, including Modern trends in guidance and rehabilitation of those who are coming to marriage.

At the end of the opening ceremony, the shield of the conference was presented to Prof. Dr.  Nazmi Abdul Hamid, Prof. Dr. Fathy El Sharkawy, Prof. Dr. Rokaia Shalaby, Prof. Dr. Mai Helmy, Prof. Dr. Haiam Shaheen and Prof. Dr. Omeima Ezzat.