Ain Shams University announces vacant position of director of the University City administration (girls) under the general administration of the university cities.

The general conditions include:

In light of the civil service issued No. 81 of 2016 and its executive regulations.

Based on the approval of the President of the University on 26/2/2019 on the memo of the controls used to select the candidates to carry out the work for supervising posts (director of management and what level) until the receipt of standards from the Central Organization for Management and Administration.

Upon the approval of the vice president for education and students, the Vice President for Education and Students to take the legal procedures for appointment to the post of "Director of the Department of the university students" of the General Directorate of the university cities due to the lack of concern as of 1/3/2019.

Documents required to submit:

  1. Request to apply for the post on behalf of the Secretary-General.
  2. Functional status statement.
  3. Legal statement.
  4. Copy of valid national ID card.
  5. Certificate of computer proficiency and a foreign language.
  6. Previous achievements in the post advertised.
  7. Plan to develop the work of the advertised administration.
  8. Applications shall be submitted to the General Directorate of the Office of the Secretary-General - Zafaran Palace no later than 15 days from the date of the declaration.